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About Art GeoDesign

Art GeoDesign has been established in order to provide independent geotechnical consultancy and engineering services for civil engineering projects in Turkey, Central Asia and Middle East

The founder partners of Art GeoDesign, has an experience reaching 30 years in the field of geotechnics with many domestic and national critical projects such as dams, railways, highways, metro and superstructure projects.

Our Strengths

Main Philosophy
The main philosophy of Art-GeoDesign is the design of the most suitable geotechnical solution that will answer the project needs, considering the safety and economy of the project at the same time.
Experience on Both Design and Field
Art GeoDesign team consists of highly skilled engineers with academic background, PhD and MSc degrees with an experience reaching 30 years in the area of geotechnical engineering.

Though, the experience of Art GeoDesign does not only rely on academic knowledge and expertise on design, but also know-how about the execution of geotechnical works.

With the professional experience of our team members both in academy, office and field, Art GeoDesign guarentees the most feasible solution for your needs also considering the application phases of the project.

Innovation and Solution Oriented Design
In addition to the strong ties with the academics, Art GeoDesign keeps following the latest developments in international field in terms of standards and technologies, therefore provides the most optimized and up-to-date solutions to its clients by implanting the new developments into its pool of knowledge as soon as they become applicable.

Art Geodesign provides multiple solutions and shares its know-how with clients, in order to allow them the make most feasible decision for their needs.